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Frequently asked questions:

Do you accept my insurance?
  Dental insurance can be very confusing.  Hopefully this will help eliminate that confusion.  We accept all types of traditional dental insurance.  If you have a PPO, meaning your insurance company gave you a list of "preferred providers," you will still receive insurance reimbursement.  However, we are not in network for any PPO plans.  In some cases that means your insurance may pay a slightly smaller percentage.  If you have an HMO or DMO, you will only receive insurance benefits if you see a dentist from a list of dentists for your insurance provider.  We are not part of any HMO/DMO plans.  If you have any questions, please call our office and ask to speak with Vicki.  She will be happy to help you with any insurance questions you have.  

Do you treat children?
Yes, we love treating children!  Every child is different, but generally we like to have them visit starting around 3 years of age.

Is this going to hurt?

Do I need x-rays?
In order for the dentists to properly diagnose, dental x-rays are necessary.  At Lind Dental Care, we have invested in digital x-rays which decrease radiation exposure by 80-90%.  In addition, we always use a lead shield with a thyroid collar for your protection.  Finally, we only take digital x-rays in accordance with the American Dental Association's guidelines. 

Do you have a laser?
Yes we do!  Another high tech modality we use is a diode laser.  This laser allows the dentist to gently remove or reshape the gums.  This can be used for esthetic results or, in some cases, to avoid a more invasive gum surgery.  

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we offer third party financing through Care Credit.

Please call for an appointment or with any questions:

Lind Dental Care
1501 W. Dundee Rd. Suite 100
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
(847) 394-4333

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